Tuesday, February 25, 2014

This just in from Gunnar Andreassen:

[Yesterday I found a Swedish Musse Pigg card on Ebay, that were new to me, issued by the Alifa Company. Some information below, found on the net:

"The most famous collectible images/cards are undoubtedly ALFA pictures/cards, released by the Alifa Company. The pictures came with when you bought the tablet case "Alfa-lozenge". According to the box's front was lozenges "tasty, refreshing," which many questioned ....

The first Alfa images were found in the '30s. There were both sportsmen as well as Mickey Mouse and hilarious animals that one could collect."

On one of the cards you see Musse Pigg shaking hands with Sven Hedin.

Sven Anders Hedin  (born February 19, 1865, Stockholm, Sweden—died November 26, 1952, Stockholm), Swedish explorer who led through Central Asia a series of expeditions that resulted in important archaeological and geographical findings.  However, he had some nazi sympathies.

Quote from a Swedish Internet forum:

"Extremely scarce cards that show how Mickey travel around the world. Coolest / strangest are probably pictures where Mickey posing together with Stalin and Hitler."

By the same seller I found 11 other cards, already sold, but none of them with Hitler or Stalin.  The only other famous person on one of them was Lindbergh.]

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