Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Simply put: I loved this book. It does contain a few typos and the format should have been way bigger, but the simple fact that it exists is a small miracle. It is well written, honest, and full of great stories about Roy. A "must-have" without a doubt and a truly delightful surprise. Way to go to the author David Bossert!

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kp said...

These individual Decca records are hard to find, but not impossible. Not sure which title you are missing. I suspect it is "The Pied Piper". It is the only 12" record in the set and seems to be the rarest of them all. There were 6 records in the original set. Disney also produced a super rare Decca picture album for the set with sleeves for all of these. One sleeve is 12", the other 5 sleeves in the album are for the 10" records. The picture cover of this set shows Mickey Mouse juggling the 6 round Decca record labels as if they were balls. The only copy of this cover I've ever seen is in my collection, and I've been collecting children's 78s for decades.