Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Walt's People - Volume 13 released!

I have the pleasure to announce that Walt's People - Volume 13 has been released!

Once again this is a huge volume (594 pages). It looks as if I am still suffering from the "JK Rowling syndrom" :-)

Quite a few elements are new this time around: I have a new, extremely professional publisher, Theme Park Press, run by Bob McLain. Working with Bob is such a pleasure that I am hoping to release a lot of my upcoming books (not just the Walt's People book series) through Theme Park Press. (The Theme Park Press website will launch a bit later this month). 

Walt's People - Volume 13 also features a newly formatted interior, an improved cover design, stringent editing thanks to Bob.

And better still, the cover price is lower ($19.95, before Amazon's discount).

The Kindle and other digital versions will be available by next week.

[Note: If you are one of the contributors of this new volume, you should receive your copy of the book at some point in September.]

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