Friday, August 16, 2013

Help Needed - Walt's People - Volume 13

Could any of you who already received his or her copy of Walt's People - Volume 13 write a review on Amazon? This would help tremendously.

An individual named "A. Gass" who has clearly never read any of the volumes of the series, let alone Volume 13 (and whom I do not know), is on a personal vendetta against me and has posted a terrible review (based on thin air) for two of my books.

Not much I can do about the review of the French edition of Disneyland Paris - From Sketch to Reality, but it would be great to counterbalance things when it comes to Walt's People.

Overall the two reviews made me smile. The one about the Disneyland Paris book especially. I love the part about "misquotes." Since I only quote from interviews I conducted myself at the time, and since no one but me had access to these interviews until now, that element of the "review" was particularly hilarious.

Anyway, I would love to get your help on this, if at all possible.



Bob McLain said...

The real name of "A Gass" is Douglas F. Stone. Never heard of him before; no idea why he feels the need to trash so many Disney books. His latest review of Rolly Crump's new audio CD charges Rolly doesn't understand Disney history. If it weren't so injurious to the authors involved, it would be laughable. Anyone who knows Douglas F. Stone might want to ask him why all the hate?

pedro cherem said...

Walt's People is a wonderful work. I think this person didn´t understand the proposal of this series.

Peter said...

It appears Mr Stone uses various names, but his Amazon reviews are listed under "M. S. Art". He usually either totally endorses (5 star) products or trashes them (can I give this 0 stars?) - usually without any justification. I guess he gets a kick out of it. Must have unresolved emotional problems.