Monday, May 13, 2013

This just in from Gunnar Andreassen:

[Some drawings found on Ebay recently:

Story gags by HR. Could this be Harry Reeves ?]


Peter said...

Very curious. Not sure if HR is Reeves, as this doesn't quite feel like a Disney project (despite the Mickey Mouse inclusion) - could easily be wrong though! The other two pages are obviously by someone else.

"Baron" suggests Baron Munchausen, so I wonder if this was a cartoon intended to cash in on Jack Pearl's popularity on Radio as the Baron ("Vas you dere, Charlie?") during 1932-3.

Anyone know anything about these panels?

Peter said...

I take back my reservations about it being Reeves/Disney, after reading this observation from J. B. Kaufman, as quoted by Jim Korkis:

"There were several never-produced attempts at incorporating Mickey Mouse into an MGM film including a "Mickey Mouse travelogue" for a Baron Munchausen film with Jack Pearl."

I think these must have been ideas for this proposed animated insert.