Tuesday, April 23, 2013

This book about the great Disney artist Aurelius Battaglia has just been released in Italy (in Italian). The author mentions:

[I wrote the story of the cartoonist Battaglia through the letters of his companion Eleanor Dalton, who corresponded with me for about 4 years.
Ada, a relative of Disney cartoonist and American illustrator of sicilian origin Aurelius Battaglia, contacted Eleanor Dalton, the artist's companion when she was young and had a long correspondence with her. Once she was old, she tells through those letters Aurelius life, painting an interesting story of cultural change of USA in '50s.
In the real life I corresponded to Eleanor from 1999 until her death in about 2003, and she was about 70 years old.
In the book Ada (who represents me) is an old woman who remembers the corrispondence with Eleanor that she (Ada) had when she was young.
In few words, I imagine (calling myself Ada) to remember and tell this story when I will be an old woman ( I am 33 years old now).]

I will let know know what it is worth as soon as I get it.

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