Tuesday, April 02, 2013

For some reason I just love this ad which I spotted on ebay a few weeks ago and I thought you would, too.

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David said...

One of my favorites!

I posted the color version of this ad on my blog back in December 2008: http://vintagedisneymemorabilia.blogspot.ca/2008/12/toytown-promotion.html

An interesting discovery I made is that the 1936 Whitman book Mickey Mouse and His Friends shows the characters receiving as a Christmas gift the items they are looking at in the store ad: Horace gets a new collar, Clarabelle a new bell, Donald a strange party favor, and Pluto a pull toy with a cat on it. See the book here in a post I published in December 2007: http://vintagedisneymemorabilia.blogspot.ca/2007/12/mickey-mouse-and-his-friends.html