Wednesday, March 27, 2013

This just in from Hans Crezee:

[I see from your blog you were somewhat frustrated because you missed the Icelandic Buri (= Adventures of Mickey Mouse) book. It is actually a fairly late edition as it is dated 1942.

An even more interesting book was sold earlier, an icelandic version of the first Big Little Book but with a different cover design and massively thick with more than 300 pages! Condition is not great but I would think the printrun cannot have been that big at the time. These are some of the images from eBay as I have not got around yet to make my own pictures but if you like them I can get additional pictures of both books.

PS I saw a Danish version of the book on the internet and my guess is that the Icelandic version is a translation of this Danish version which still uses the original cover of the American original, and the title in Icelandic is a literal translation of the Danish title which was piblished by Gyldendal in 1934.]

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