Wednesday, February 13, 2013

This just in from Jack Lindquist:

[2012 was a busy, lifestyle-changing year for Belle and me. We decided that the time was here for us to give up our 4000 square foot, half-acre home of nearly 40 years and look into the potential of moving into an "assisted living" facility. After much research and investigating we finally selected Walnut Village, a wonderful Community in Anaheim, just a few blocks from Disneyland; sort of like completing the whole circle. We have been here almost 7 months now and are very happy with our l250 sq. ft. apartment, our wonderful and caring neighbors, the delightful food services and the wealth of activities available to us and now that we are finally settled in our new home I am finally seriously starting to work on my next book. After much soul searching, discussions, arguments, and many questioning my ever growing senility I have decided to attempt to write, "Before, During, And After The Mouse...A Maverick's Look At A Pretty Amazing, Exciting, Lucky Life." A personal look, comments and observations on Los Angeles in the 30's when it was changing from a pueblo into a city...the War Years of the 40's...50's through today when it has evolved into the economic, social, political, entertainment, lifestyle leader it is today. Along the way, my personal involvement with Hollywood and the Movie Making industry plus a few more untold tales from my days at Disneyland. Same sort of stuff you seemed to enjoy with "In Service To The Mouse" but with a broader background. I would love it have it finished by the end of the year, but I am making no promises. But what I will do is put bits and pieces of the story on our website and Facebook page as they come along so you will have a chance to get the feel of what "Before, During, And After The Mouse" is going to be like and I will also put a pre-publication offer on the website at least 90 days before it will be available to the public. So if you think you will like it, you can get your copy first and at a reduced price. Anyway, that's the plan.]

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propmaker said...

Jack's new book sounds fascinating, can't wait.