Thursday, September 20, 2012

While in Japan, we had the chance to visit Tokyo DisneySea for the very first time. We enjoyed it tremendously like countless other visitors. More importantly the visit of the park allowed me to discover a three new books in Japanese, which I believe will be of interest to a few of you. By far the best one is Tokyo DisneySea Chronicle, which takes us event by event through the first 10 years of the park.

I will discuss the other two books tomorrow.


Curious said...

Is this book any good? Is it all in Japanese? Is it good quality? There was a Tokyo Disney Resort book done for the 25th in 2008 called Dreams, is it like that? Is it worth getting with the high shipping cost to North America?

Didier Ghez said...

I am not familiar with the book Dreams (Do you have a link to the cover? I would love to see it.) This book is all in Japanese and very similar in style to Tokyo Disneyland Chronicle published by Koudansha; 1998.

Still curious said...

It seems to be out of print, and you obviously didn't see it in TDR, but it's a terrific book. All in Japanese, but mostly photos, plus a dvd: "The Colors of Tokyo Disney Resort". This one is also published by Kodansha, 2008.

isbn 978-4-06-339755-0