Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A question from Jim Korkis:

[What colleges teach Disney related courses and what is the descrption of those courses?   I know Western Illinois University does one.  I know Paul used to teach one in Utah.   Is there a listing somewhere?]


Celbi Pegoraro said...

As a graduate student researching Disney this question is important to me. A friend told me weeks ago about this new course at Vanderbilt University (College of Arts and Scientes) in Nashville.


Anthropology 115F, SECTION 7
"Disney in America".

Disney has been a major cultural force in America since the early twentieth century. After learning about anthropology as a discipline and exploring the idea of high versus low culture, we will use a combination of texts and films to explore how Disney both impacts and reflects Americans' worldview. Analysis of films such as The Little Mermaid, The Lion King, and Aladdin will allow us to see how Disney shapes our conceptions of gender, race, family, and class.

FALL. [3] Yant, Anna Catesby. (P)

Todd J. Pierce said...

Florida State University -

ARH 4884. Walt Disney and the American Century (3). This course considers Disney and his company in relation to art, society, and politics during the twentieth century. Special attention is paid to Disney's contributions in the realms of film, architecture, and theme park. Through assigned readings and visual material such as cartoons, slides, and documentaries, the course assesses the relationship between high art and popular art and evaluates Disney's impact on the production and consumption of leisure.