Monday, July 09, 2012

Do not miss today:

- Disney Artists with Guns by Jake Friedman (outstanding post)
- Disneyland's First "Major New Ride" by Paul F. Anderson (outstanding post)
- Les Clark, of Disney’s Supreme Court by Jake Friedman
- Ward Kimball Joins the Jennings Gang by Bob McLain
- Disneyland's Last Space Girl by Jim Korkis
- Bedknobs & Broomsticks by Andreas Deja
- The Original Plans for the “Sailing Ship Columbia” by Todd James Pierce
- Happy 4th of July from the Disney History Institute by Paul F. Anderson
- Old Tomorrowland - Walt Disney and the Circarama Preview by Todd James Pierce
- Old Tomorrowland: Animated America Sings by Paul F. Anderson
- AMERICA SINGS OPENING DAY June 29, 1974 by Paul F. Anderson

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