Monday, July 16, 2012

Considering that for many years RKO acted as Disney's distributor, I can´t wait to pick up this book which I discovered last week and to check out what it contains about our favorite company. I suspect that some of you will do the same thing.


Lionel said...

I have the book, and while as a whole, it is very good, don't expect anything earth shattering Disney-wise in the meager 4 pages devoted to RKO's contract with Walt Disney Productions.

This is in no way a major book where Disney is concerned (though a very good one in its own right)

Didier Ghez said...

Thanks! Very good to know.

Kristjan Birnir said...

Does this book say which exact animateed short was last one to distributed by Disney?

Lionel said...

Kristjan Birnir :

I have trouble understanding the question, but no Disney shorts are specifically mentionned in the book. This is not the place where you'll find what short was the last one distributed by UA, the first one and last one distributed by RKO.

By the way, the book goes no further than 1942 in its corporate history of RKO.

And I'd say the last animated short distributed by Disney is "Paperman" ?

Kristjan Birnir said...

I some what fucked up my question of course was refering to what short was the last short Disney made that was distributed by RKO.