Monday, April 16, 2012

This upcoming book has the potential of being fascinating. Let´s hope it actually is.

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Todd J. Pierce said...

I'm sure this will be a very good book. Sperb has a good reputation in film studies. But people on this blog should be aware that this will likely be a "media studies" or "cultural studies" exploration of Song of the South (the film, the merchandising, the representations at parks, etc.) That is, this book will probably examine the films relationship to race over decades, etc. This is different approach to Disney History than the one usually featured on this blog. If you're thinking about this book, you might want to read this short article by Sperb on Song of the South on this blog...

I hope people find this helpful. If the book does contain unique historical material or narrative history, please post a response to correct my assumptions here.

Also, perhaps more in line with this blog's historical approach may be Jim Korkis' excellent piece on the premiere of SOTS in Atlanta, which I believe has been revised and included in Vault of Walt.