Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Walt in Argentina (1941)

I believe some of you will enjoy those rare images of Walt in Argentina, which I bought from a friend recently.

When Jim Korkis saw this clip last week he realized right away that this video had been included as part of the bonuses of the Three Caballeros Laser Disc.

Speaking of which: Would any of you own the Three Caballeros, Alice in Wonderland, Snow White and Pinocchio laser discs? Do you have a way to transfer the bonuses to a DVD? If that is the case, could you please email me?


Scott said...

I have all of those titles, and many more, on Laser Disc, but have absolutely no idea how they would be transferred.

Didier Ghez said...

Indeed. That is the key question.

Douglas said...

same here. have all but no way to transfer.