Tuesday, January 17, 2012

This just in from my Serbian friend Sasa Rakezic:

[I have found three more ads from Politika...

The first one (above) was a privately designed ad for a paint shop in Belgrade (published on June 12th, 1938). It says: "All the leather made objects, bags,shoes, furniture is painted in a most solid way by Tingirija." It's funny that they presented the one who works in a paint shop as Mickey Mouse!

The second ad is for the special edition of Politikin zabavnik, which includes reprints of several strips featuring Goofy and Mickey, and it says : "Soon coming out: Goofy Knows Everything, 15 stories about Mickey and Goofy, Price 6 dinars."

The third one is dedicated to the Pluto comics that were coming out in Politikin zabavnik ( 21.10.1940). It says: "Good dog Pluto again appears in Politikin zabavnik, along with Mickey, Goofy, the Katzerjammer Kids, Popeye and other favorite cartoon characters." ]

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