Wednesday, January 18, 2012

This just in from Julie Svendsen:

[While going through some things here at home, I found a Disneyland opening day souvenir guide that my mom and dad had saved. It included a nice invitation note signed by Walt Disney and a few tickets for the Mark Twain riverboat ride and a couple of "press passes".

I don't remember being there for opening day. We went there many, many times after that though.]


jedblau said...

Nice pieces, although the note is not signed by Walt.

julie svendsen said...

Thanks for your comment. This package was given to my dad, Julius Svendsen, who, at the time, was working at the Studio in animation and Walt wanted him and his family to join in and be part of the D/L opening celebration.
Who do you believe signed this note?

Anonymous said...

While I am no authority on the subject, that "Walt" signature looks real to me!

Even though quite busy at that time, I am sure he had time to sign that inter-office note for his employees.

I know Phil Sears could clarify that matter;

Matterhorn1959 said...

Hello- The signature is Walt's, however the signature is printed along with the rest of the memo. It is not a hand signed item. I have the same memo that was given to Jimmy Starr.

julie svendsen said...

I was reminded just the other day that there were a few special people working at the Studio who, blessed with an ability to duplicate Walt's signature, were often given the job of signing Walt Disney's name, especially if there was a lot of signing to do and Walt was busy doing other things. So, yes, that signature may not be Walt's.