Monday, December 12, 2011

3 Is a Family

A good friend of the blog sent me the opening sequence of the movie, created by the Disney Studio. Enjoy!

The movie itself does not seem to be worth watching, by the way.


Brian Sibley said...

But three Disney-associated cast-members: Hattie McDaniel, Walter Catlett and Christian Rub! :)

mrmagoo said...

I read somewhere that Fred Moore and Ward Kimball both animated on this picture. I can't believe that they just did the titles. There must be an animated seq. thats been cut from the film for some reason. Does anybody know any more?

Didier Ghez said...

I do not believe there was, but I may be mistaken.

Anonymous said...

There is/was no further animation in this film, nor are their unusual aberrations to the cut that would suggest anything is missing. The title sequence is all Disney did.

Kristjan Birnir said...

Didier Thanks for posting this you saved me some money as I was going to import from (I live in Iceland) just figure out what Disney did on this film. Little bit disapointing that it was such limited animation since those storks seemed to be very well designed.

But I want compliment you on such nice blog about Disney history I check it regularly to learn about one of my favorite animation/film studio.

all the best