Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I learned recently that this autobiography existed and I wonder if some of you know how much it contains about Disney.


Jeff said...

I found this book in a discount bookstore approximately 10 years ago. There was no index, so I quickly scanned the text to find any Disney references (per my custom with books over the past 40 years) and was able to read everything of interest in two or three minutes. I recall that the Disney content was of little value historically, as indicated by the fact that I declined to purchase the book for its marked-down price of $5.00.

Jeff Peterson
Escondido, California

Ed Mazzilli said...

There was about 3-4 pages about Davy Crockett and it's filming. Buddy was picked as the Davy Crocket roll first until right afterwards when Walt saw the movie THEM. The movie about giant ants. It was Fess Parker after that. A little about the accidents on set. There is a story of Walt coming to the set and the story of an accident while driving home from the Disney Studios, but not much else. No reference to the 'Dancing Man' animatronic that Walt put together based on Ebson's dancing.