Thursday, May 26, 2011

This just in from Phil Rushton:

[You might be intrigued by some pages that I recently came across in the first three issues of IPC's obscure 1972 educational magazine Walt Disney's Now I Know. While most of this publication was taken up with relatively uninteresting facts and puzzles it also included a handful of fascinating historical features in which cartoon characters such as Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck were incorporated into realistic scenes that seem to have been specially painted by top British comic artists (almost like a reversal of the live-action/cartoon sequences used in films such as Mary Poppins). For example I'm not sure how much involvement they had with the principal cartoon characters seen but it's clear to me that the examples below were mostly drawn by Patrick Nicolle and the great Ron Embleton (of Wulf the Briton and Trigan Empire fame).

Here is also the cover of issue no.1 in which the Pat Nicolle page appeared (I'm not sure of the artist in this case), and the second half of the Ron Embleton feature on Ancient Egypt from no.2 (the continuation of this in no.3 was illustrated by Angus McBride - another well-known British artist).

Now I Know, like its companion Disneyland, was produced in London by the editorial team responsible for Look & Learn (home of the famous 'Trigan Empire' strip) in association with the Disney Studios in Holywood.]

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