Monday, April 25, 2011

Walt's People Update

I spent a big part of this long weekend working on Volumes 11 and 12 of Walt's People, which I believe will be spectacular. Here is a glimpse at the table of contents of Volume 11. As you can see I am including a large section about Disney during the '50s (without neglecting the Golden Age of the Studio), and have started to open the doors to the world of WDI. The interview with Ed Catmull, conducted last week, does contain a few small scoops.

Foreword: John Canemaker
Didier Ghez: Ruthie Tompson
Christopher Finch & Linda Rosenkrantz: Walt Pfeiffer
John Culhane: Shirley Temple
John Culhane: I. Klein
Peter Hansen: Basil Reynolds
Christopher Finch & Linda Rosenkrantz: Eric Larson
John Culhane: John Hubley
Robin Allan: Jules Engel
Darrell Van Citters: Ed Love
Darrell Van Citters: Mike Lah
JB Kaufman: Frank Thomas
Dave Smith: Carl Nater
John Culhane: John Hench
John Canemaker: Ward Kimball
Dave Smith: Ward Kimball about space
Didier Ghez: Frank Armitage
Robin Allan: Ray Aragon
Didier Ghez: Ray Aragon
Gord Wilson: Jacques Rupp
David Tietyen: George Bruns
John Canemaker: Dale Oliver
John Canemaker: Iwao Takamoto
John Canemaker: Richard Williams
Charles Solomon: Brad Bird about Milt Kahl
Alberto Becattini: Don R. Christensen
Jim Korkis: Tom Nabbe
Dave Smith: Roger Broggie
Didier Ghez: David Snyder
Didier Ghez: Carl Bongirno
John Culhane: Daniel MacManus
John Culhane: Ted Kierscey
John Canemaker: Glen Keane
Didier Ghez: Joe Hale
Jérémie Noyer: Mark Henn
Animated News: Andreas Deja and Mark Henn
Didier Ghez: Ed Catmull


Unknown said...

Can't wait to read 11 and 12!

Douglas said...

same here!

Steven Hartley said...

Looking forward to the next volume.