Friday, April 15, 2011

This sad news just in from Lee Lanselle:

[Bo Boyd passed away on Wednesday morning, April 13. He was 68.

Bo represented the best qualities of Disney during his years in Merchandise and Disney Consumer Products. He was a bridge between the theme park world and Burbank, and later between the USA and Disney offices and licensees around the world. I was privileged to know Bo for many years - from my early days on Tokyo Disneyland and continuing through my years in Paris.]


Floyd Norman said...

I'm hardly a fan of Disney executives but Bo Boyd was one of the good ones. When Eisner and Welles took charge of Disney in 1984, Bo was one of the few surviving executives from "old Disney."

Under Bo's leadership, Disney's Consumer Products Division saw remarkable growth. Yet, Bo never compromised the principals that made Disney, Disney.

The company continues to change today and not always for the better.

Pete Emslie said...

I'm so sorry to hear this news. Back when I drew for Disney's Canadian merchandising division (1984-1990), Bo Boyd was up several times over those years to check up on our operation and talk business with our boss and longtime Disney rep, Jim Rayburn. Bo was a very affable guy with an engaging smile and we all liked him a lot. You could tell he was one of the execs from "old Disney", as Floyd so aptly puts it. A real gentleman.

Dr Bitz said...

Bo Boyd was a great guy and all Disney. He also ran a bar in Laguna. i know he was quite an inspiration to his team. Very sorry to hear he has left us.

Mark Hickson said...

Wow, Two names from my past...
Lee Lanselle from Disneyland International and Bo Boyd who I did not know had left us until now.
Bo was wonderfull to me when Scott Wolf and I were promoting "Mousekavision" at Disney. He was a great guy. I will miss him.