Monday, July 19, 2010

Book about Hyperion

A good friend who prefers to remain anonymous for the moment is doing some serious research into the Hyperion location of the Disney Studio. He is writing a book, which will cover the years 1925 through 1939, and is looking to hear from anyone who may have photos or other interesting bits of material they would like to contribute.

I have seen some of the material and can attest to the rarity of images, and some of the research material, which have never been published previously.

If you have some documents for him, could you email me and I will relay the message. Thanks in advance.


Matt Jones said...

Hi Didier- did you ever see this by Vip Partch?

Anonymous said...

Great idea! I'd love to get this book once it comes out.

Can you believe the birthplace of "Mickey" was really turned into a parking lot?? Unbelievable..

Although, I think they actually moved parts of it to the Burbank space, but still...