Tuesday, May 18, 2010

This just in from Brad Abbott. Please note that the book has not yet been released and that I have not read it. I just love the readers of this blog and when they ask for a plug...

[In the past you've published a few links to stories that my wife Kate Abbott has written for the Magically Speaking newsletter. Although not quite about Disney History, as the proprietor of the Disney Books Network I thought you and your readers still might enjoy the trailer that she has put together for her debut novel (which you can access here.).

In the middle-grade novel DISNEYLANDERS, Casey Allison, on the brink of starting high school, struggles to find a new identity on her family's annual summer vacation. As she explores Disneyland, and her first romantic relationship, she realizes that she can overcome her real-world insecurities only when she's in the Magic Kingdom.]

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TikiBird said...

Wow, thanks so much for posting this, Didier, and thanks to Brad for passing it along! Fingers crossed for a Disney-loving agent or publisher who might want to see more. :)