Thursday, June 04, 2009

This just in from Are Myklebust:

[On Saturday June 6, 2009, me and three other guys will hold an unofficial celebration in connection with Donald Duck’s 75th Anniversary this year in our capital Oslo.

We have our own website, but only in Norwegian unfortunately:

But here is at least an explanation to the menu that you will find on the website’s front page to the left:
Forsiden = Front page
Arrangementet = The Arrangement (The Celebration)
Utstillere = Exhibitors (read: Cartoonists) - making their tributes to Donald Duck in connection with his 75 years Anniversary - special made for our celebration event.
1934 – 2009 = A short history about Donald Duck in films and comics through his first 75 years. Kvakks Festskrift = “Kvakk!” (“Quack!”) is a Norwegian Donaldist/ Disney Fanzine (published 4 times a year),
“Festskrift” = Celebration issue – containing different articles (again only in Norwegian)

Linker = Links Auksjon = Auction

Here is the full program:

“Foredrag” = Lecture

Above is our logo - specially designed for this celebration.

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