Monday, February 02, 2009

This just in from Alexander Rannie:

[Dear Didier,

Thanks for posting information about the upcoming CD box set "Walt Disney and the 1964 World's Fair."

It should be noted that the audio is, in all instances, of better quality than the bootleg version that's been floating around. (And there's more of it to boot!)

And, with all due modesty, a few additional credits have been added, including:

Additional Research Consultants: Jeff Kurtti, Paul Anderson, Alexander Rannie

Not enough can be said about Jeff's invaluable contribution in myriad medias to the dissemination of information on Walt's life and art, particularly WED (now WDI).

Persistence of Vision: Issue #6/#7, Paul's 200-page magazine from 1995 all about Disney at the New York World's Fair, remains the single best compendium of information about not only the physical appearance of the Disney-designed pavilions but the back-story of their creation and creators as well.

As for myself, I had the privilege of contributing a 15,000-word essay to Paul's magazine, recreating in detail the timeline and personalities behind the Disney pavilions' music.

Though he might blush at the praise, it is ultimately (in my opinion) Randy Thornton's talent and tenacity that have insured that Bruce Gordon's vision will see the light of day. Randy's exacting reconstruction and peerless restoration of material for these CDs is far and beyond what anyone could have hoped for.

Higher tribute to Bruce Gordon, the man and the dreamer, could not be paid.

Wouldn't it be great if the stories and music contained in the World's Fair box set -- imagined by Walt and promoted by Bruce -- encouraged a whole new generation of Imagineers?

Best regards,


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Available for pre order on Amazon

Released at end of March 2009