Wednesday, September 10, 2008

This just in from Are:

[I received this scan of a photo from the Disney studio in the 1930s from my friend Gunnar Andreassen here in Norway.

It's a scan from the CD-Rom: "Walt Disney - An intimate history of the man and his magic" - hence its bad quality.

What the studio staff is holding in their hands is a box of "Post Toasties" each - see the enclosed scan of a box.

Two questions;

1) Does anybody have this photo in a good quality?

2) What is the story behind this photo - a publicity stunt for the "Post Toasties" in the 1930's?

I am enclosing an enlargement of Al Taliaferro (from the staff photo) holding a box by the way.]


David said...

In 1934 Disney, through their rep Kay Kamen, inked a deal with General Foods worth $1.5 million. I would hazard a guess this is related to the inking of the deal. Click on the following link to see an entry on my blog related to the Post Toasties campaign.

Matt J said...

Hi Didier, check out the Vintage Film Posters sale coming up @

VERY interesting Polish poster for Dumbo