Thursday, December 14, 2006

On February 25, 1939, at the old Hyperion studio, in the morning, a very special guest addressed Disney artists. This session with Frank Lloyd Wright is famous and I had wanted to share its transcript with you all for a long time.

Richard Huemer, the son of Dick Huemer, was kind enough to send it to me a few months ago. Here are the first 5 pages. The rest will follow tomorrow and on monday. Enjoy!


SMacLeod said...

Wow, how awesome is that! Thanks so much for posting!

hans said...

didier, thank you so much for sharing that. I hope a lot of people read it and think about it!

Yoda said...

Hey, where's the rest of it?:)

I used to study FLW's work as an architect, and I'm thrilled he had something to say about Disney!

What a fantastic man he was.

Didier Ghez said...

Here are all the links: